Momentum Investing provides education and software for share market investors. Ivanhoe International Pty Ltd T/A Momentum Investing was founded in 1996 and holds the Australian Financial Services License Number 247412.

The Momentum Investing education services are aimed at coaching any level investor to a professional level. Our proprietary momentum investment methodology uses a documented specific approach to the analysis, execution and management of a stock portfolio, suitable for both Australian and US markets. Our approach brings together elements of psychology, technical and quantitative analysis. In addition students understand risk adjusted returns, calculation of time weighted returns and when and how to hedge their portfolio. This body of study goes well beyond what many new participants perceive portfolio construction and management to be. The momentum investment course is delivered over a minimum period of 14 weeks. We encourage our clients to make us accountable for the quality of the methodology taught and integration of the strategy into our students investing. We desire a long term relationship even after the course is complete to make sure individual portfolios are maximizing their potential. The course culminates in building an actual stock portfolio that can be utilized by the student in real time.

The objective of the Momentum Investment course is to ensure self directed investors implement a structured method of stock market analysis and have the experience to manage their portfolios as time moves forward. The course contains a number of topics which individually are important stand-alone information. Combined, the individual topics form a blueprint for investment. They represent a process which develops you into a disciplined investor and which contains all the elements required for successful investment decision making.

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