We have many happy and loyal clients, and it may be of interest to you to hear what they are saying.

Glenn – Sydney, Australia July 2019

The Momentum Investing course is a revolutionary new way to invest – superseding anything you have used previously.

In my past investment endeavours I didn’t know what to invest in. I had purchased software that used fundamental analysis to pick stocks but in reality it just didn’t work in the short term.
Through the course and Pauls personal guidance I have learnt a far more effective way to invest – understanding a top down analysis approach using relative strength. It works – results are the best proof!!

You need a leg-up when it comes to investing your hard earned money – Paul’s mentoring program and his extensive knowledge and experience in the markets will SUPERCHARGE your investing.
AWESOME – I think that says it all.

Do it – you won’t regret it!!

John A., ACT (January 2018)

I was looking for an investment strategy that gave me actionable methodology that worked using actual tool and charts. My problem was that I knew some of the theories of investing but did not have the means or a complete understanding of how to implement.

I have already achieved positive results that I know are repeatable and sustainable. During the course I concentrated on investing in the small caps. I had some immediate success achieving an amazing 75% helped along by a number of takeovers in weeks I was in the market.

The most valuable skill I am taking way from the momentum Investing course is the ability to forecast the leading and strongest sectors of the market and know when to avoid the lagging sectors.

I would highly recommend the momentum Investment course as it trains you to function as a fund manager. Not as an investor, Not as a Trader but a fund manager with the objective to beat the index.

The course is applicable to stocks of different exchanges; currencies our ant other asset class you may want to invest in.

If I had not done the Momentum Investment course I would have missed out on the means to have a successful strategy to grow my portfolio like a professional fund manager.
The three major skill sets that I will take away from the Momentum Investing Mentoring program are

  • An actionable strategy to choose incoming strong sectors
  • The ability to identify further stocks on strong sectors to beat the index
  • A method to look at different exchanges for diversification and/or performance

What has been a pleasant surprise is that it actually works after my in course experience of playing around with some Australia stocks (small caps). Lastly the inclusion of the training in Volatility Exchange Traded Funds will be a valuable addition to my investments and another method of diversification to lower the overall risk of my portfolio.

Pearl G., WA (August 2017)

To be successful when investing using an SMSF fund you need the confidence, knowledge and the guidance to achieve the results you require. The Momentum Investing course provides the guidance and mentoring to do this. The problem was that I did not have a structured and logical way to analyse the market and have consistent profits to better the benchmark index.

Paul is extremely passionate about this subject. His coaching is serious and straightforward and easy to understand. The manual is logical, easy to follow and allows you to revise the concepts taught. There are few people in the investing arena who are more passionate about the knowledge they transfer. This program teaches you the methods to do so. You can prove to yourself it works. Paul is approachable, amiable and clear in his explanations . You get guided mentoring and you can ask any questions. It is one on one coaching in your own home via webinars.

I have attended a few programs and this is one of the better ones in the market. You learn by doing and being guided step by step. I feel that I now have the tools, methods and confidence to invest for myself. For me the major personal goal was achieved. That is to have a structured and logical way to analyse the market and have consistent profits and better the benchmark index.