Highly motivated private investors and market professionals choose Optuma because of its advanced technical and quantitative features which deliver unique insights into securities analysis.

For serious investors who have a passion for stock market analysis and trading, and who want to take control over their investment decisions, “Optuma” from Market Analyst is the only provider of a comprehensive set of investment tools that is leading a revolution in the way traders visualise, identify, and quantify trading opportunities. For traders, Optuma offers technical tools that will confirm the reasons for making your final decision. For managers of stock portfolios, Optuma offers a unique set of tools to select and manage your portfolio.

For example Relative Rotation Graphs are one of the biggest breakthroughs in financial analysis in the 21st century. The most advanced version of these charts is available in Optuma software! So if you are searching for tools which allow you to do your own research, Optuma is what you are looking for!

Key Features

  • Single Security Charts – Optuma can produce any style of single security chart,  Bar,  Line, Candle, and Point & Figure.
  • Multiple Security Charts-  The software gives you access to advanced charts which allow the comparison of baskets of securities. You will have access to Bubble charts,  Relative Rotation Graphs,  Column Charts, and Scatter Plots.
  • Technical Analysis – The products has all the standard technical analytical tools available: RSI, Stochastics,  Moving Averages,  Oscillators, MACD’s and many, many more.
  • Scans and Alerts – Optuma offers a scanning manager that uses complex technical alerts. The software can quickly list securities which meet specific criteria. Alerts will be triggered and you will be notified either end of day or immediately if utilising a live data stream.
  • Data Sources- In addition to end of day data, Optuma can connect to a number of external data sources. eSignal and Interactive brokers are two of the most common live data providers used by Optuma clients.

Ready to test drive?

To get the best out of your trial and get a real feel of the power of Optuma, please allocate as much time as possible to your trial. Please ask questions along the way and we will assist to demonstrate how Optuma can add value to your specific investment and trading process.

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