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“Buy and hold”, or was it “buy and hope”?

The problem for investors or those wanting to manage a stock portfolio via a self-managed fund (SMSF) or Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is that they do not have a structured methodology to build a portfolio. The old “buy and hold” (“buy and hope”) strategy is not meeting the expectations in today’s investment environment. Investors need a method for doing it on their own! A method that is reliable and consistently builds wealth!

The question is: As a manager of a stock portfolio, how can you make stock choices which will potentially enable you to perform better and achieve returns that are equal to or greater than a benchmark like the ASX S&P200 or the S&P 500?

Learn to manage your own stock portfolio

The answer lies in a momentum investment strategy which uses tools to identify the strongest sectors of economic growth (sectors for investment) in the market and alerts the investor to those sectors which are expected to weaken in the near future (sectors to avoid). Inside the leading sectors you will find those stocks which can be systematically forecast to be the strongest performers, and in the lagging sectors you will find those which you want to avoid or sell. A momentum investment strategy contains 5 distinct areas knowledge areas which make up a complete analytical process.

  • Pick the strongest market sectors and always be positioned for maximum growth. Done with specialist tools that quantify strength of each sector and list them in order of strength.
  • Be amongst the first to act during buying and selling surges. Accomplished through a visualization tool that identifies the buying and selling behaviour of institutional investors.
  • Never be surprised by a market correction. Be the first to move to cash and reduce risk. Market corrections can be pre-empted through observing the evolution of price patterns and institutional selling behaviour.
  • Use Exchange Traded Products to shift your returns from great to spectacular. There are some unique Exchange Traded Products that can earn yield even when the market is not moving.
  • Outsmart your own emotions and learn to make reliable and profitable decisions. Have control over your cognitive biases is an essential means of stopping emotive based investment decisions.

Learn to make well timed and well targeted investment decisions which continuously result in a strong stock portfolio which potentially performs better than the benchmark.

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