Why trade with Momentum Investing?

Whe you trade with us you get the brilliance of the IB trading platform packaged with some attractive personal service!

Since late 2013, Ivanhoe International Pty Ltd (trading as Momentum Investing) offers access to an online trading platform through Interactive Brokers (IB). In this section of our website we endeavour to give you all the information you need to decide whether trading with us online is the right choice for you.

We minimise your costs

High costs eat away client’s returns and ultimately diminish your business.
We specialise in providing best executions, transparent, low commissions and financing rates to help you maximise your results.
We earn a small commission paid to us by Interactive Brokers to direct our clients to use their trading platform.

We add personal service!

Momentum Investing offers a complete trading solution on one platform.
We will assist you to set up your account.
We will train you to confidently place your own orders.

We offer a competitive brokerage rate

We will support you with an increased level of general advice, trading ideas and online market updates.
We offer you full and transparent access to all your trades and free analysis of your portfolio via the IB web portal.

We develop your independence

We will assist you to develop your independence away from the influence of a broker by teaching you to place orders.
Independence builds trading confidence!

Increased satisfaction

Your satisfaction from trading increases when you are standing on your own two feet making your own entry and exit decisions.
A satisfied trader make more timely and confident trading decisions.

What we don’t provide

A live human broker to place your orders with.
A phone line to call us and ask our opinion on a specific trade.
Specific investment/trade advice.
Unsolicited phone calls with the latest ‘hot trade’.

No conflict of interest

We will not be calling you to generate brokerage income.
All decisions to initiate a trade will come from you.
No conflict of interest equals lower stress.

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