Pauls Epiphany

I was a very busy financial market dealer in the nineties, trying to earn enough money to raise a family and save for retirement. I have always wanted to take control of my finances, so later in life I wouldn’t have to be dictated to by government policy and preyed upon by financial advisors telling me I needed to down-size, at the same time selling me unsuitable over-priced products.

I really wanted to be sure that my investment savings were going to be enough to guarantee all the plans I had for my family’s needs in the present, future and later for retirement.

I wanted to stop worrying about my future financial security and live in the present.

I was struggling because I didn’t even know where to start planning my financial future. That meant I wasn’t able to work out if my current investment savings and my forecast future investment income were going to be enough to guarantee all my plans for family expenses and eventual retirement.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because with all my education I had not mapped out my future financial plan. I felt even worse still, because I was well aware it would eventually negatively impact on my family’s future, especially my wife. I wouldn’t be able to give my new family the life I promised them and knew in my heart they deserved. I felt frustrated at my current financial status, especially when I compared myself to other family members and my closest friends.

The problem was that the average returns I was getting from my current retail fund, combined with high financial advisor fees, was terrible. Which meant it was stopping me from achieving my financial goals. This would eventually mean I would have to accept a lower quality outcome of life.

That’s when I made a decision to build a bullet proof investment system which would never again have me dependent on a fund manager, financial advisor, or pension, to secure my financial future!

As I examined the sum total of my accumulated knowledge a picture emerged and it now became crystal clear to me how to extract consistent income from the market anywhere, any time. I already had the knowledge base. I now realised if I documented and implemented my investment plan, I could make money for the rest of my life and never have to consider the bulls—it concept of “downsizing in retirement”.
In the process I also realised that you do not have to have a high level of financial knowledge to implement a successful investment strategy. Simplicity equals profitability; complexity is often a cover for advisors to justify high fees. What you need, regardless of your background, is the knowledge to get started, the ability to plan your investment strategy, and the willingness to execute the strategy.

As I buried myself in this project, I reviewed decades of accumulated work and started formulating a logical investment strategy which anyone could implement.

At first my only intention was to start creating a strategy for my own use, but I soon realised it would also be suitable for any private investor wanting to implement their own investment plan.
So I started documenting the strategy into 12 modules of information. But I didn’t stop there.

At the same time I put my neck on the chopping block and put my own money on the line. As expected I started to make money in my own investment accounts without the input from advisors.

I am a person who is not happy with good results. I want fantastic results.

As I implemented my investment process, I was observing what are now obvious mistakes eroding my performance. I could see that improvements were still needed to optimize the investment opportunities before me. The refinements that I made were not foreseeable when I started. With growing experience, I knew exactly what was needed to maximize my annual returns.

I then decided to do a much improved re-write which produced what is now a much more precise investment strategy, developed from real-time experience and real money on the line.
After decades of accumulating financial market knowledge, attending many high level investment symposiums, and documenting my investment process, I had succeeded. I chose to call it “Momentum Investing”. It is a documented process that has been tested, proven, and simple enough for anyone to use.

I was now able to show anyone how to find stock investment opportunities and build a stock portfolio that outperforms the market.

In time I started to let other investors use my Momentum Investing strategy. As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

  • I have helped many investors for the first time to take control over their stock portfolios.
  • I was able to give clients a structured and logical way to analyse financial markets.
  • I was able to show people how to outperform a benchmark.
  • I also was able to demonstrate how to minimize risk in times of increased market volatility.
  • Lastly I was able to teach clients where to look for high yielding ETF that could dramatically increase their annual yield.

After creating Momentum Investing, I was not only able to personally achieve my dream of managing a successful fund without the interference of fund managers and financial advisors, but also it has allowed me to stop worrying about the trajectory of my financial future. I now have complete confidence that I am 100% certain it will deliver my family the future they deserve.

In the end, all of this means I’m now able to look my wife in the eye in the knowledge that as a family we will have a happy and financially secure future and accomplish the things in life that we have always wanted.